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The multi-functional automatic large-scale vegetable cutter adopts the structure of half moon cutter head and half moon conditioning plate. It doesn't need to replace the blade. It only needs to use different hoppers and the plate moving reverse switch to cut or slice. Here's how to increase the service life of the multi-functional vegetable cutter.
1. Before operation, place the chopper on the horizontal ground to ensure that the chopper is placed stably and reliably; make sure that the plug of the chopper is well touched without looseness or water mark;
2. Check whether there are foreign matters in the rotating barrel or on the conveyor belt. If there are foreign matters, they must be cleaned to avoid tool damage;
3. The centrifugal slicer is used for slicing hard vegetables of melon and potato. The vertical knife part can process the soft vegetables of leaves or the sliced slices into various shapes such as blocks, dices and rhombus of different standards;
4. To install the vertical knife, first roll the adjustable eccentric wheel to make the tool rest move to the bottom dead point, then lift the tool rest up 1 to 2mm, after touching the vertical knife with the conveyor belt, fasten the vertical knife on the tool rest with the fastening nut. If the lifting height of the turret is small, the vegetables may be even with the knife. If the lifting height of the turret is too high, the conveyor belt may be cut.