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Nowadays, food safety is more and more important, and the processing requirements for fruits and vegetables are higher and higher. Therefore, the emergence of clean vegetable processing equipment line is inevitable. The main parts are made of stainless steel, with high washing degree and can keep the original color. It is widely used for cleaning leaf vegetables, edible fungi, fruits, seafood and Chinese herbal medicine. It can be used for multi-purpose sorting, cutting, cleaning and filtration of central kitchen, mainly for processing and cutting of leafy vegetables, and for cleaning of ball root vegetables such as white radish and carrot. The equipment is equipped with ozone generator, which can be used to clear pesticide residues. The cleaning mode adopts eddy current stamping vortex cleaning, and has three-layer filter device, and the top of vortex tank The slag disposal device is arranged in layers, and the high frequency vibrating screen is double-layer filtration.
The processing of clean vegetable processing equipment line can realize automatic cleaning and processing: automatic cleaning, vibration and drainage, continuous turnover air drying, automatic packaging, etc. For vegetables that need to be processed, they can be blanched and cooled continuously. It can match the suitable equipment according to the needs of the processing of various kinds of clean dishes. The processing technology of clean vegetable processing line: Elevator - selection platform - cleaning machine - rhizome need peeling equipment, multifunctional cutting machine, blanching machine, cooling water drain machine - packaging, etc.
The cleaning line uses high-pressure water flow and bubble generating device to impact the surface of the cleaned object. The energy generated by the bubble breaking when contacting with the object. The spray surf cleaning equipment will play an impact and washing role on the surface of the cleaned object. The cleaned object surface will be washed and cleaned. The cleaning of the cleaned material is more than three times higher than that of manual routine washing. The clean vegetable processing line is equipped with a brush to remove the hair from the goods. High pressure water flow makes the material roll, and removes the agricultural residue effect on the surface of the product. The floating substance in the washing machine can overflow from the overflow tank and the sediment is discharged from the mouth to achieve the purpose of cleaning.