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The production of large-scale meat cutter is high, no damage material, waterproof control system and operating system. It can cut fresh meat or semi frozen meat. For example, when it needs to process meat slices of different thickness, it can be completed by changing the blade. One machine can be used for many purposes. No leftover head type meat cutter adopts feeding device and batching device, almost no leftover head after cutting, double guide propulsion, automatic feeding, equipped with automatic lubrication system, no knife height of 200 mm, vertical cutting of fat cattle plate, thickness adjustment range of 0.15-15 mm (can be adjusted according to user requirements), stable quality, which solves the problem of excessive leftover meat in direct cutting meat cutter.
The distance between the blade and blade can be customized. There is a safe control button in the body. The main function of this button is that if the blade is exposed, the machine will stop automatically to avoid injury.
Let's talk about the maintenance knowledge of the machine
一: 在操作机器前,首先用温水把机器清洗干净,记得不要弄湿电机哦。
1: Before operating the machine, first clean the machine with warm water. Remember not to wet the motor.
2: When using the meat cutter, start the motor first to see if the blade direction is correct. If it is reversed or wrong, it should be corrected immediately.
3: After the operation, first turn off the power, then remove the removable parts, clean them with hot water, then install them, turn on the empty machine, dry the water, and then apply edible oil.
4: To cut shredded meat, first cut the meat into pieces, then cut the meat horizontally.
五: 要切的肉不可有骨,否则会损坏绞刀和切片刀。
5: The meat to be cut must not have bone, otherwise it will damage the cutter and slicer.
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