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There are many types of automatic vegetable cutting machine and parts according to different degrees of mechanization.
1. Blade, as one of the core accessories of the multi-function vegetable cutter, can be said to be the core of the whole vegetable cutter, blade is mainly responsible for the end of the cutting.
2. Conveyor belt and good vegetable cutter all have the function of active transmission. You don't need to manually push the fruits and vegetables to be cut, but you can actively transfer the objects to the blade for cutting.
3、防护板 ,在切菜的时候,不免会有一些杂质飞溅出来,此时就需求有一层防护板进行防护,以免伤害到操作多功用切菜机的操作人员。
3. When cutting vegetables, there will inevitably be some impurities splashing out. At this time, we need a layer of protective plate for protection, so as not to hurt the operators of the multi-function vegetable cutter.
4. Clear nozzle, which is only a part of multi-function vegetable chopper with Gao file. The primary function is to wash and disinfect the residue left in the vegetable cutting area after the whole vegetable cutting process, so that the next operation can be carried out quickly.
To sum up, the above are the core accessories of the multi-function vegetable cutter, and the functions are diverse. You need to consult different vegetable cutters and other equipment, please consult our company.