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Washing and cutting dishes is a basic work that needs to be carried out in the kitchen every day, and also a daily life that every household needs to contact. The washing equipment developed by modern cutting machine company - cutting machine can help people to liberate their hands. The machine has also appeared in the hotel kitchen and some smart home. What are the differences between the chopper and the manual dish washing? The following mainly describes the advantages of using cutting machine to wash dishes compared with manual washing?
1. increase the efficiency of washing rate and effect
At present, the types of dish cutters sold on the market are single slot, double slot and multi slot design. Compared with manual washing, the speed of washing vegetables has been greatly improved. At the same time, because of the advanced disinfection and sterilization technology of the cutting machine, the vegetables washed by the cutting machine have little pesticide and chemical fertilizer residue, and the washing effect is much better than that of manual washing.
2.环保洗菜,无  污染
2. clean vegetables environmentally and without pollution
The cutting machine has ozone sterilization system, which can oxidize and decompose the pesticide, fertilizer and other organic matters in the vegetable products, and the released by-products only have no harm to oxygen. However, hand washing needs to rely on products such as detergent. Although the detergent also takes into account environmental protection requirements, excessive use will also have some impact on the environment.
3. protect hands from injury
When people wash dishes manually, they need to fully contact with the hand and the water. Especially in cold seasons, the lower water temperature makes the hands numb easily. At the same time, long time contact with cold water will also make cold air invade the body, which is not conducive to health for a long time. The machine can avoid water from contacting cold water, and do not touch chemicals such as detergent. The hand is more convenient for maintenance.
概括而言之,使用切菜机洗菜与手动洗菜相比具有的优势包括洗菜速率和效果双效提高;环保洗菜,无  污染;保护手,不伤身。切菜机可靠吗?相信人们了解切菜机洗菜的特点和优势之后,人们就会信赖切菜机的质量,再不会怀疑其清洗蔬菜的能力。
Generally speaking, the advantages of using cutting machine to wash dishes compared with manual washing include the improvement of the washing rate and effect; environmental cleaning without pollution; protecting hands and not hurting. Is the chopper reliable? I believe that people will trust the quality of the machine after they understand the characteristics and advantages of the machine, and they will no longer doubt their ability to clean vegetables.