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Multifunctional vegetable cutter is widely used in many fields, so it can not ensure the quality of its use environment, so what can be done is to pay more attention in the process of use, to ensure that the plug of the equipment is in good contact, not loose, no water, let's understand how to ensure the safety of multifunctional vegetable cutter in use?
1. Check for foreign material on rotating drum or conveyor belt
If there is any foreign matter, it must be cleaned to avoid damaging the tools of the multi-functional vegetable cutter. The operation and adjustment of the multi-functional vegetable cutter should be determined according to the vegetables to be processed, and the cutting method should be selected. The centrifugal slicer of the multi-function chopper can be used to slice hard vegetables, such as melons and potatoes. The vertical knife part can process vegetables with soft leaves or cut the slices into various shapes, such as squares and dices of different specifications.
2. To install the vertical knife
Please first turn the adjustable eccentric wheel of the multi-function vegetable cutter to make the tool rest reach the bottom dead center, and then lift the tool rest up. After the vertical knife contacts the conveyor belt, tighten the nut to fix the vertical knife on the tool holder. If the lifting height of the knife rest is small, the vegetables may be connected to the knife; If the height of the turret is too high, the conveyor may be cut off. The multifunctional chopper is a product based on the traditional guillotine design, which is used to cut bones in modern kitchen life. The utility model is mainly used for the situation that the family knife is difficult to cut the bone, easy to damage the blade, laborious and inefficient.
3. Fix food to prevent it from rolling back and forth
Multi function chopper products can be used in the kitchen difficult to cut food, such as chicken, duck, ribs, leg bones and its difficult to cut objects. The multifunctional vegetable cutter is easy to use and clean. The product is mainly composed of two parts: a plastic with a groove in the middle and a stainless steel knife with a short handle. The top of the knife is inserted into a wooden groove and fixed. Place the food to be cut on the flat surface of the small guillotine with one hand, hold the handle of the knife with the other hand and press it down, then cut off the food. The small guillotine used for cutting bones in the kitchen has a fixed part in a rectangular slot to prevent the bones and their food from sliding back and forth.
总而言之,多功能切菜机在使用时要保障安全需要检查旋转桶或传送带上是否有异物、要安装垂直刀以及固定食物防止来回滚动。另外在使用多功能切菜机时请勿将手放在断头台上以防止意外伤害,当然多功能切菜机价格决定其质量所以在选择的时候不能以价格作为标准需要综合全 面的考虑。
In a word, to ensure the safety of the multifunctional vegetable cutter, it is necessary to check whether there are foreign matters on the rotating barrel or conveyor belt, install a vertical knife and fix the food to prevent rolling back and forth. In addition, please don't put your hand on the guillotine to prevent accidental injury when using the multi-functional vegetable cutter. Of course, the price of the multi-functional vegetable cutter determines its quality, so the price can't be taken as the standard in the selection, which needs comprehensive consideration.