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利用涡流喷淋清洗技术,通过离心力的作用和洗涤筐的独特设计产生强 力瀑布水流冲洗蔬菜和水果,能轻松清洗一些比较难洗的水果和蔬菜,如花菜、葡萄和草莓等,而且被洗涤物同洗涤筐同时旋转,确保蔬菜和水果不受过重磨擦而伤害。
Using the vortex spray cleaning technology, through the effect of centrifugal force and the unique design of the washing basket, a strong waterfall water is generated to wash vegetables and fruits. Some fruits and vegetables that are difficult to wash, such as cauliflower, grapes and strawberries, can be easily washed. Moreover, the washed objects rotate with the washing basket at the same time, so as to ensure that vegetables and fruits will not be damaged by heavy friction.
Operation process
1. It is recommended to wash vegetables and fruits with large leaves three times, one to three minutes each time, so as to give full play to the function of fruit and vegetable disinfector and make you eat healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables.
2. After putting in the vegetables and fruits to be cleaned, you need to add water until they are just submerged. Then close the cover, plug in the power, set the time is generally 1 to 15 minutes.
3. Arrange the vegetables or fruits that need to be washed and put them directly into the washing basket. Of course, before you put it, please choose all the yellow leaves and dry leaves that you can't eat.
4. The fruit and vegetable disinfector can't help you choose vegetables. Of course, if there is a longer dish, it is recommended that you cut it into several sections and then clean it. In this way, it will be clean.
Features of vegetable washing machine
Automatic micro-computer control technology, self-developed micro-computer control board and control program, washing time adjustable, four digit nixie tube display, a variety of programs for users to choose, the completion of washing alarm reminder and other sexual design to meet the different needs of users. There is no need to add any detergent, which can avoid the secondary pollution of detergent to vegetables and fruits.