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What should I pay attention to when using the vegetable chopper?
In the catering industry, the daily demand for people's diet is very large, so there must be a supply of many dishes. When the dishes are transported to the restaurant, they are complete. Of course, it is necessary to cut all kinds of dishes into the shape required by chefs before cooking. Then the vegetable cutting machine is a good vegetable cutting machine, which really facilitates the current catering industry and major demand places.
Preparation before operation before using the vegetable cutter, be sure to check whether the equipment and parts are intact and whether the cutting blade is sharp enough. The most important thing is whether its line is safe, because it will inevitably encounter water when used in the kitchen. Then check the line to avoid setting electricity and casualties. Then wash the conveyor belt and blade of the vegetable cutter with hot water before use. When this is done, turn on the power and see if idling is normal.
Before the operation of vegetable cutting, you can adjust the thickness and shape function of the vegetable cutting machine according to your own requirements for vegetables. Then put the vegetables to be cut on, turn on the power and cut the vegetables normally. But remember, do not reverse operation. Reverse operation is very dangerous. Then put your cut vegetables on the conveyor belt for final cutting.