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For the cooking machinery and equipment in daily use, what we usually don't want to see is the failure in the production process. Once the failure occurs, it will delay the normal production plan, which is certain. If it is serious, it will paralyze the whole assembly line and affect the normal business. How to avoid or reduce the probability of failure of food machinery, it is suggested to start from the following aspects:
First of all, in the process of daily use, we should use the correct operation methods. Use it reasonably according to the manufacturer's instructions or in accordance with the user manual.
Secondly, when working in a normal working environment, the main consideration in this regard is voltage. Most of the working voltage is our daily power consumption voltage of 220V, and there will also be 380V. It is generally recommended to use three-phase electricity. Compared with two-phase electricity, three-phase electricity is more stable than two-phase electricity. Three phase electricity is recommended. Remember to make the machine work under the specified rated voltage, ensure the working voltage environment and avoid faults.
Thirdly, daily maintenance and cleaning. Continuous operation will cause normal wear and tear of the machine, and regular maintenance is very necessary. After production, the equipment shall be cleaned regularly to avoid external force affecting the normal operation of the machine
Place the machine in a dry and ventilated place. Do not use chemicals and other supplies to clean the cooking equipment. After each use of the machine, wipe the equipment with a wet cloth and dry it in a ventilated place. If the rust is very serious, replace the corresponding accessories, and return the replaced equipment to the manufacturer for replacement.
In addition to rusting, pollution will also occur. When people use it, if the sundries inside are not cleaned up, pollution will occur over time. In this way, the pollution inside will become more serious, just like the rust of the appearance. If it is not treated in time, it will only cause greater losses. If there is pollution in the inner barrel, it will first directly affect the health of consumers, and at the same time, it will also cause great losses to stores.
The above is all about the bursting strength of corrugated boxes shared by corrugated box factory.
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