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Commercial kitchen knives are used in restaurants and industry. The simple Shijiazhuang vegetable chopper consists of a metal screen with a blade and two handles. More complex types are designed not only for cutting, but also for shredding, grinding and juicing. In this device, interchangeable (usually disc) blades are connected to a manually or electrically rotating shaft. Commercial choppers are electrically driven and designed to produce 200 to 3500 kilograms per hour. There are many different models of commercial vegetable choppers, each designed to cut specific vegetables. The main components of Guangzhou vegetable cutter are loading hopper (feeder), reducing agent, shaft with additional blades and driver. A vegetable chopper usually has a set of discs with different blades for cutting, chopping and grinding.
For most people, cutting vegetables with a traditional knife is too cumbersome and time-consuming. In addition, it is often difficult to "magic" or even slice, fragment, etc. in this way. Using a Shijiazhuang vegetable cutter is no longer a problem. In addition, this device is usually used not only for vegetables, but also for cutting fruits, cheese, all kinds of sausages and solid meat. However, the application possibilities and operation modes vary greatly depending on the model. When buying a vegetable cutter, it is very important to pay attention to high quality and sharp blades. For example, due to the latter, soft and hard fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and onions, can also be cut.
The great advantage of the vegetable cutter is that it allows you to cut all kinds of vegetables faster, more evenly and less labor. Whether it's light spiral, lotus, perfect slicing or other forms: with the Beijing vegetable chopper, cutting vegetables is much easier. Therefore, one of the benefits here certainly comes from a time saving that is not despised. However, when using the chopper, always remember that its blade is very sharp.
Although this is an advantage when slicing, it is also a disadvantage due to the risk of injury. In addition, the larger chopper and its multifunctional accessories usually occupy a lot of space in the cabinet. The disadvantage is that it depends on the model and cleaning: most vegetable cutting machines must be cleaned by hand. In some variants, you can put some parts or even everything into the dishwasher, but sometimes it is also possible, for example, some things are damaged and / or the blades become dull over time.