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1、 Correct installation of meat grinder power supply: for the correct installation of meat cutter, ensure that the power supply voltage is within the normal range before starting up. First, open the hopper and take out the loose parts from the hopper mouth. Remove the mouth ring, grate, knife and knife shaft. Turn on the power, the bobbin of the meat cutter, press the switch, and see whether the rotating cylinder bottom of the output shaft rotates clockwise. If yes, it indicates the correct installation. On the contrary, error. Replace the power phase sequence. The M6 screw M8 below or the "equipotential live terminal" of the machine shall be carried out by a professional electrician according to the provisions of the ground. The grounding hole of the power socket or the power line of the equipment shall be grounded firmly, green and yellow. The fixed line must be equipped with full pole disconnection, and the cutting distance of contactor is greater than or equal to 3mm.
2、 How to correctly install knife shaft, knife grate and other accessories, whether the rotation direction of torsion shaft is correct, and the installation of hinge shaft, knife, grate and mouth ring. Install the hinge shaft, which should be installed with long wedge tail and long groove on the same output shaft; The blade is installed on the front end of the hinge shaft facing forward; The hinge shaft on the front end of the shaft is also installed on the grate, rotating with the pin and the barrel mouth of a good upper ring. The mouth ring is tightened again and half buckled back to the appropriate level, and the front meat starts the normal operation of the machine.
3、 How to adjust the use of elastic machine V-belt? If the V-belt is too loose or too tight, it should be stopped first. When the vertical meat cutter is under the open electric box, loosen the nut to adjust the position of the motor, and then lock the nut to use the desktop meat cutter; Open the chassis, loosen the nut, and lock the nut after adjusting the bolt.
4、 How to clean the machine? Do not wash it with water directly! You can't make electricity wet! In order to avoid the influence of electric leakage, electric shock or use. Unscrew the mouth ring, remove the grate, a knife and a hinge shaft, clean and reload it for next use.
Meat machine operation process
Remove the bones from the meat, and change the knife into the incoming strip or block, plug in the power supply, install the blade, start the machine, note that the cutting blade should rotate inward, wait patiently after putting the meat in, and take away the cut meat or put it on the plate. After Zui, turn off the meat chopper, wash, sterilize and disinfect it.
The cleaning of the meat chopper depends on the material of your meat chopper. If your meat chopper is made of stainless steel, you can wash it with water. One side of the meat chopper blade is scratched in the morning before cleaning. After cleaning, blow dry before use, so as to better ensure that the cleaning is in place.