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1、 Equipment procurement shall adhere to the principle of practicality:
Kitchenware shall be reasonably equipped with equipment for different types of work according to different levels and specific work tasks. Do not buy expensive or value-added equipment, so as not to increase kitchen investment and cost. The purchase of central kitchen equipment shall be determined according to the size, area and specific production environment of the kitchen, as well as the basic principles of kitchenware and maintenance.
The central kitchen equipment shall be high-quality products without pollution, impact on the environment and noise. It should be noted that the equipment should have a high safety factor and various protective measures to prevent industrial accidents.
2、 The use of equipment shall adhere to the correct principle:
The rational use of central kitchen equipment is also an important content in hotel management. Grasping effective management methods and using them correctly can reduce reasonable loss and avoid unreasonable damage. As a result, faults are reduced and operation is more normal. Required equipment.
This work must be carried out in accordance with procedures. Seriously, the machine is running. Please be careful not to leave the workplace after turning on the power. In case of abnormal noise, please stop the machine in time.
3、 Equipment maintenance shall adhere to the principle of regular maintenance:
The rational use and maintenance of central kitchen equipment is very necessary, but regular maintenance is more important. The formulation and implementation of correct maintenance measures can reduce the abnormal damage of equipment and avoid unnecessary economic losses.
The chef shall maintain the equipment regularly according to its function. For example, under normal operation, all refrigerators storing food are thawed every three days until once a week. If the frost cannot melt in time, the machine (motor) will be difficult to stop and will break down at any time.
When using the equipment, the chef should often contact the maintenance personnel to reflect the use of the equipment, truthfully provide specific fault conditions, and ask the maintenance personnel to assist the maintenance personnel in emergency repair. Be responsible for the use, maintenance and regular inspection of the equipment, cooperate with the visual inspection of the daily operation of the equipment, make records, and report and repair problems in time.
The maintenance department shall establish a kitchen centralized maintenance system to supervise and manage the use of equipment, avoid accidents and damage and ensure the integrity of equipment. Second, high temperature cooking and frying are common food processing methods in the kitchen. In case of high-temperature hot pot, protective measures should be taken, such as wearing mask, hat and plastic appliances, so as to prevent high-temperature soup.
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